Located just 40 miles from Seattle, Stanwood combines the best of northwest living with easy access to urban centers and outdoor activities. We are nestled at the edge of Puget Sound with access to Mount Baker and the Cascade mountain range. The city is the hub of the greater Stanwood-Camano region with a market of approximately 40,000 residents in northern Snohomish and Island counties. Since West Stanwood was founded in 1870 as a thriving port community, the city has been the economic and cultural center for residents in Snohomish, Skagit and Island counties.

Our community recognizes the value of the natural environment. We are environmentally conscious. We welcome business and residents that share our enthusiasm for sustainable development. We are seeking business leaders and entrepreneurs who are looking to relocate to a family friendly city with good schools and a well-educated workforce. Looking for an expansion site or a home for your business? Be sure Stanwood is on your list!

The City of Stanwood is committed to exceptional customer service. Our pledge is to provide you with prompt, courteous, accurate, complete and personalized assistance, whether you are opening a new firm, expanding, or relocating a business. We have a team ready to assist you with answers to your questions and we are prepared to offer you a smooth transition as you begin doing business in Stanwood.

The City of Stanwood has a diverse economy serving over 40,000 regional residents. Although we have retained our small town Scandinavian character, we are home to a range of employers and retailers including home-based businesses, locally owned shops and restaurants, national chains, light industrial and manufacturing companies. The city is situated in one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world.

Stanwood, WA

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